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High Horsepower Performance 4R100 Transmission In Stock.

Our primary objective is to craft the finest 4R100 transmission tailored to your truck's needs.

My passion for constructing high-performance transmissions has been unwavering since I entered this industry, with a particular focus on Ford trucks. It's evident that stock 4R100 and E40D transmissions often suffer from premature failure due to inherent design flaws, overheating concerns, snapring issues, and more. As part of my daily routine, I diligently stay abreast of the latest and most effective upgrades available in the market. The 4R100 transmission is a particular area of expertise I've honed. While we extend our expertise to various makes and models, Ford diesel trucks comprise the majority of our clientele.

When you find yourself in need of transmission reconstruction or replacement, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'd be delighted to engage in a conversation about crafting a transmission build tailored to your specific truck usage. It's worth noting that Ford employed E40D/4R100 transmissions in their F250 to F550 series, Excursions, Econolines, and several other models spanning from 1989 to 2003. Variations in years may be observed in different regions worldwide.

Below, I've included some images to provide you with a glimpse into our daily operations here at Tiger Transmissions, where the 4R100 Transmission is our specialty.

Key Advancements in Our Enhanced 4R100 Transmission Performance Build:

Innovative Center Support: One notable feature is our cutting-edge "Tripled Support" center support. This robust component is meticulously crafted from 954 Bronze material and incorporates both a factory ball bearing and a machined one-piece bushing. This combination provides unparalleled reinforcement to critical areas such as the hub, intermediate shaft, and center support, making it the most durable bushing material available in the industry.

Indestructible Low Reverse Hub: We've engineered a custom low reverse hub designed to endure the harshest conditions, including high horsepower demands and extreme usage scenarios. Unlike conventional hubs prone to cracking during strenuous activities like boost launches, heavy hauling, or drag racing, our solution offers permanent durability and reliability. A visual comparison between our custom hub and the stock version is provided in the accompanying images.

Enhanced Rear Planet: Our performance build exclusively incorporates steel planets, eliminating the need for thrust washers and significantly bolstering strength. Additionally, both sides of the six-pinion rear planetary gear undergo precision machining to accommodate GM Bearings.

Upgraded Forward Planet: The heart of our performance build features the robust six-pinion forward planet, sourced from an early 5R110W Transmission. Crafted entirely from steel, it surpasses the stock 4R100 transmission forward planet in terms of strength and resilience.

Forward Hub Bushing Enhancement: To combat friction and heat generated by metal-to-metal contact, we employ precision machining to install a custom bushing within the 4r100 forward hub. This bushing plays a pivotal role in supporting the forward planet while reducing wear and heat-related concerns.

Reinforced Coast Clutch Drum: A common vulnerability in many 4R100 units is the risk of a stripped coast clutch drum, typically occurring at the hub and gear interface. To address this issue, we utilize TIG welding to create a seamless, solid, one-piece heavy-duty drum, ensuring exceptional longevity and reliability.

Upgraded Clutch Packs: Our approach involves precision machining of pressure plates within each clutch pack, resulting in an increased number of clutches compared to the stock configuration. This modification significantly enhances clamping power while minimizing slippage. Furthermore, we incorporate GPZ Clutches, renowned for their superior holding power, further elevating overall performance. you can view more pictures and details on our 4R100 Transmission page.

Billet Multi-Disc Torque Converter:
Precision-engineered Billet Multi-Disc Torque Converter for enhanced performance.

Brand-New Stock Size Pan (Optional Mag Hytec Deep Pan Available at an Additional $400):
You have the choice of a brand-new stock size pan, or you can opt for the upgraded Mag Hytec Deep Pan at an extra cost of $400.

Hardened Shell:
Incorporating a hardened shell for added durability and strength.

Full Spline Hardened Forward Drum:
The forward drum features full spline hardening to ensure robust performance.

Updated Direct Drum:
We've incorporated an updated direct drum for improved functionality.

HD 45 Element Intermediate Sprag Update:
Enjoy the benefits of an upgraded HD 45 element intermediate sprag for enhanced reliability.

Comprehensive Bushing Kit with Sonaxx 1-Piece Rear Bushing Update:
A comprehensive bushing kit, including the Sonaxx 1-Piece Rear Bushing Update, is included for improved stability.

Brand-New Ford Solenoid Pack:
A brand-new Ford solenoid pack is part of the package for smooth operation.

Custom Valve Body Performance Kit:
A custom valve body performance kit is integrated to optimize transmission performance.

Borg Warner Intermediate Band:
Utilizing a Borg Warner intermediate band for increased efficiency.

GPZ Frictions:
Incorporating GPZ frictions known for their superior performance.

Transtec Seal Kit:
A Transtec seal kit ensures proper sealing throughout.

Complete Bearing Kit:
A complete bearing kit is included to maintain structural integrity.

Updated Spiral Snap Ring (Overdrive):
An updated spiral snap ring in the overdrive section for improved reliability.

Updated Coast Clutch Snap Ring:
An updated coast clutch snap ring for enhanced functionality.

Brand-New Overdrive Sprag:
A brand-new overdrive sprag for smoother overdrive engagement.

Brand-New PRNDL Switch:
Equipped with a brand-new PRNDL switch for precise gear selection.

Brand-New Servo Assembly:
A brand-new servo assembly for optimal transmission control.

Brand-New End Play Shims:
Brand-new end play shims to maintain proper clearances.

Brand-New Molded/Bonded Pistons:
Molded/bonded pistons for consistent performance.

Custom Pump Upgrades:
Custom pump upgrades for improved fluid flow.

Brand-New Speed Sensors:
Brand-new speed sensors for accurate speed measurement.

Brand-New Pressed-in Dipstick Tube:
A brand-new pressed-in dipstick tube for reliable fluid level monitoring.

Cooler Bypass Kit:
A cooler bypass kit to regulate transmission temperature

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4r100 transmissions
4r100 transmissions


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