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Tiger Transmissions

E4OD/4R100 Center Support with Case Saver Snap Ring



This is a Machined Center Support with snap ring that is ready to drop in with no extra modifications. will fit all e4OD and 4R100 Transmissions. 

Movement between the center support and case causes wear on the rear of the center support where it contacts the case lugs and requires center support replacement. The steel Sonnax support ring installs between the case lugs and center support, giving more contact area with the center support and eliminating future wear. Since the .048"-.051" thickness of the steel ring needs to be machined off of the rear of the center support, this allows worn supports to be salvaged and reused.

  • Increased contact area at both center support and case reduces wear
  • Salvages worn center supports
  • Keeps center support in alignment
  • Minimizes drum wear at the support