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Tiger Transmissions

Performance Transmission 1994-1997 Ford E40D (4WD) (2WD) 3 Year Warranty


Introducing the Tiger Transmissions Heavy-Duty WORKHORSE E40D Transmission for 1994-1997 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L: Unleash Power and Reliability in Your Vehicle

Tiger Transmissions specializes in E4OD and 4R100 transmissions, and our Heavy-Duty WORKHORSE E40D Transmission is specifically designed to provide exceptional performance and durability for your 1994-1997 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L. Whether you rely on your vehicle for heavy-duty work or demanding off-road adventures, this high-performance transmission is engineered to exceed your expectations.

Premium Features for Superior Performance:

  • Billet Multi Disc Torque Converter: Our standard Billet Multi Disc Torque Converter enhances torque multiplication and power transfer, providing the reliability and performance needed for high-stress applications.

  • Hardened Shell: The transmission shell is hardened to withstand increased torque and provide long-lasting durability.

  • Custom Added Clutches: Every clutch pack is custom-fitted with additional clutches, ensuring maximum power transfer and improved overall performance.

  • Hardened Forward Drum: The full spline hardened forward drum guarantees exceptional strength and longevity, even under demanding conditions.

  • Updated Direct Drum: The updated direct drum enhances shifting performance and durability, allowing for smoother gear changes and improved reliability.

  • HD 45 Element Intermediate Sprag Update: The HD 45 element intermediate sprag provides increased strength and reliability, minimizing the risk of sprag failure.

  • Bushing Kit with Sonaxx Rear Bushing: The transmission is equipped with a comprehensive bushing kit, including the Sonaxx one-piece rear bushing update, for improved stability and reduced wear.

  • New Ford Solenoid Pack (E4OD): The transmission features a new Ford solenoid pack specifically designed for the E4OD, ensuring precise and reliable shifting.

  • Custom Valve Body Performance Kit: The custom valve body performance kit optimizes shift points and firmness, delivering enhanced performance and responsiveness.

  • Upgraded Components: The transmission incorporates high-quality Borg Warner frictions, a Borg Warner intermediate band, a Transtec seal kit, welded coast clutch drum, new forward hub, complete bearing kit, updated spiral snap ring, updated coast clutch snap ring, new overdrive sprag, machined center support with snap ring, and other essential components for improved durability and longevity.

  • Comprehensive Rebuild: The transmission undergoes a comprehensive rebuild, including a new transmission pan, new PRNDL switch, new servo assembly, new end play shims, new molded/bonded pistons, custom pump upgrades, new speed sensors, pressed-in dipstick tube, and a superior stay put filter clamp.

  • Sonaxx Center Support Bearing Update: The Sonaxx center support bearing update ensures improved stability and reduced wear for the center support.

  • 3-Year, 100,000-Mile Warranty: For your peace of mind, the Heavy-Duty WORKHORSE E40D Transmission comes with a comprehensive 3-year, 100,000-mile warranty, demonstrating our confidence in its quality and reliability.

Unleash the full potential of your 1994-1997 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L with the Tiger Transmissions Heavy-Duty WORKHORSE E40D Transmission. Engineered to withstand high-stress applications and deliver exceptional performance, this transmission is backed by our commitment to quality and durability. Upgrade your vehicle with confidence and experience the power and reliability you need for the toughest challenges.