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Tiger Transmissions

4R100 Transmission - 99-03 Ford 4R100 (4WD) (2WD) 3 Year Warranty


Introducing the Tiger Transmissions Heavy-Duty WORKHORSE 4R100 Transmission for 1999-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L: Unleash the Power and Reliability You Need

At Tiger Transmissions, we specialize in E4OD and 4R100 transmissions, and our Heavy-Duty WORKHORSE 4R100 Transmission is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and durability for your 1999-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L. Whether you rely on your vehicle for heavy-duty work or demanding off-road adventures, this high-performance transmission is designed to exceed your expectations.

Notable Advancements in Our Upgraded 4R100 Performance Build:

  1. Advanced Center Support: We've introduced an innovative "Tripled Support" center support crafted from the robust 954 Bronze material. This support system incorporates a new factory ball bearing and a machined one-piece bushing. This combination provides unparalleled reinforcement to the hub, intermediate shaft, and center support, making it the most robust bushing material available.

  2. Indestructible Low Reverse Hub: Our custom-designed low reverse hub has undergone meticulous machining and TIG welding to withstand the most demanding conditions, including high horsepower demands and extreme usage. Unlike conventional hubs that are prone to cracking during strenuous activities like boost launches, heavy hauling, or drag racing, our solution offers permanent durability and reliability. You can see the stark difference between our custom hub and the stock version in the provided images.

  3. Enhanced Rear Planet: We exclusively utilize steel planets in our build, eliminating the need for thrust washers and significantly enhancing strength. Furthermore, both sides of the six-pinion rear planetary gear are precision machined to accommodate GM Bearings.

  4. Upgraded Forward Planet: Our performance build incorporates the sturdiest six-pinion forward planet, sourced from an early 5R110W Transmission. Crafted entirely from steel, it outperforms the stock 4R100 forward planet in terms of strength.

  5. Forward Hub Bushing Enhancement: To mitigate friction and heat generation resulting from metal-to-metal contact, we employ precision machining to install a custom bushing within the forward hub. This bushing provides crucial support to the forward planet while reducing wear and heat-related issues.

  6. Reinforced Coast Clutch Drum: A common issue in many 4R100 units is a stripped coast clutch drum, typically occurring at the hub and gear interface. To address this vulnerability, we employ TIG welding to create a seamless, solid, one-piece heavy-duty drum, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability.

  7. Upgraded Clutch Packs: Our approach involves precision machining of pressure plates within each clutch pack, resulting in an increased number of clutches compared to the stock configuration. This modification significantly enhances clamping power while minimizing slippage. We also incorporate GPZ Clutches, known for their superior holding power, further enhancing overall performance.

  8. Billet Multi-Disc Torque Converter

  9. Brand-New Stock Size Pan (Optional Mag Hytec Deep Pan Available at an Additional $400)

  10. Hardened Shell

  11. Full Spline Hardened Forward Drum

  12. Updated Direct Drum

  13. HD 45 Element Intermediate Sprag Update

  14. Comprehensive Bushing Kit with Sonaxx 1-Piece Rear Bushing Update

  15. Brand-New Ford Solenoid Pack

  16. Custom Valve Body Performance Kit

  17. Borg Warner Intermediate Band

  18. GPZ Frictions

  19. Transtec Seal Kit

  20. Complete Bearing Kit

  21. Updated Spiral Snap Ring (Overdrive)

  22. Updated Coast Clutch Snap Ring

  23. Brand-New Overdrive Sprag

  24. Brand-New PRNDL Switch

  25. Brand-New Servo Assembly

  26. Brand-New End Play Shims

  27. Brand-New Molded/Bonded Pistons

  28. Custom Pump Upgrades

  29. Brand-New Speed Sensors

  30. Brand-New Pressed-in Dipstick Tube

  31. Cooler Bypass Kit

  32. Superior Stay Put Filter Clamp

  33. 3-Year 100,000 Mile Warranty

  34. Stage 3 Performance Level

Our meticulously crafted 4R100 Performance Build is engineered to deliver exceptional strength, endurance, and performance, ensuring your transmission operates at its peak potential.