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Tiger Transmissions

4R100/E4OD/5R110W/6R140 Transmission FLAT TRANS-PAN TOOL

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Introducing the Flat Trans-Pan-Tool: Simplifying Transmission Removal and Installation for 4R100, E4OD, 5R110W, and 6R140 Transmissions

The 4R100, E4OD, 5R110W, and 6R140 transmissions are known for their awkward pan shapes, which can make the process of removing and installing these transmissions challenging and time-consuming. However, we have developed a simple solution that will make your job easier and significantly safer. Introducing the Flat Trans-Pan-Tool – a game-changer that has revolutionized transmission work.

Designed with Ease and Safety in Mind: The Flat Trans-Pan-Tool is specifically designed to simplify the removal and installation process of 4R100, E4OD, 5R110W, and 6R140 transmissions. With its innovative design, this tool allows for a hassle-free experience, saving you time and effort. Gone are the days of struggling with awkward pan shapes and risking damage to the transmission or injury to yourself.

Proven Reliability and Efficiency: This tool has been extensively tested and used by professionals in the field, including myself. I can personally vouch for its effectiveness and the significant improvement it has made in my workflow. With the Flat Trans-Pan-Tool securely strapped to the transmission, I have experienced a dramatic increase in efficiency and safety during transmission removals and installations.

Secure and Stable: The key to the Flat Trans-Pan-Tool's success lies in its secure attachment to the transmission. By strapping it firmly in place, you can rest assured that the tool will remain stable throughout the process, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without worrying about the transmission shifting or causing accidents. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable and safe solution for working with these challenging transmissions.

Simplified Process, Enhanced Results: With the Flat Trans-Pan-Tool, you can streamline your workflow and achieve superior results. The tool's design takes into consideration the unique pan shapes of these transmissions, ensuring a perfect fit and eliminating any unnecessary complications. Experience the satisfaction of a smoother and more efficient transmission removal and installation process, enhancing your overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

Invest in Your Efficiency and Safety: Don't let the awkward pan shapes of 4R100, E4OD, 5R110W, and 6R140 transmissions hinder your progress. Upgrade your toolkit with the Flat Trans-Pan-Tool and discover a new level of ease, efficiency, and safety in your transmission work. Experience firsthand the difference this tool can make in simplifying your job and ensuring optimal results. Invest in the Flat Trans-Pan-Tool today and take your transmission work to new heights.