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4R100 Billet Intermediate Shaft 499701


TCS has identified and resolved a common weakness in the 4R100 transmission with our innovative Billet Intermediate Shaft, also known as the center shaft. Engineered with strength and durability in mind, this upgrade is specifically designed to withstand the demands of diesel and off-road applications, providing enhanced performance and reliability.

Unmatched Strength, Unrivaled Performance: Crafted from high-quality 300M billet steel, the TCS Billet Intermediate Shaft sets a new standard for strength and resilience. This premium material ensures exceptional durability, allowing the shaft to handle the increased torque and stress levels encountered in diesel and off-road environments. With the TCS Billet Intermediate Shaft, you can confidently push the limits of your 4R100 transmission.

Ideal for Diesel and Off-Road Applications: Designed with the specific needs of diesel and off-road enthusiasts in mind, the TCS Billet Intermediate Shaft offers the ultimate solution for increased strength and longevity. Whether you rely on your vehicle for heavy towing, hauling, or traversing challenging terrains, this upgrade provides the durability and reliability necessary to tackle the toughest conditions with ease.

Unleash the Potential: With the TCS Billet Intermediate Shaft, you can unlock the full potential of your 4R100 transmission. Say goodbye to worries about shaft failure and hello to improved performance and peace of mind. This upgrade empowers you to push your vehicle to new limits, confident that your transmission can handle the increased power and torque demands.

Precision Engineering for a Perfect Fit: At TCS, we take pride in our precision engineering. The Billet Intermediate Shaft is meticulously designed to ensure a seamless installation and a perfect fit within the 4R100 transmission. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship guarantees that this upgrade will integrate flawlessly with your existing transmission components, saving you time and ensuring optimal performance.

Invest in Reliability and Longevity: By investing in the TCS Billet Intermediate Shaft, you are making a proactive choice to enhance the reliability and longevity of your 4R100 transmission. This upgrade serves as an insurance policy against common failure points, giving you the confidence to enjoy your vehicle's full potential without the worry of costly repairs or downtime.

Trust TCS, Leaders in Transmission Solutions: TCS has earned a reputation as a trusted leader in transmission solutions, and our Billet Intermediate Shaft for the 4R100 transmission is a testament to our commitment to excellence. With a deep understanding of the unique demands placed on transmissions in diesel and off-road applications, we have engineered a solution that exceeds expectations and delivers unmatched performance.

Upgrade to the TCS Billet Intermediate Shaft: Don't let a weak intermediate shaft hold you back. Upgrade to the TCS Billet Intermediate Shaft and experience the peace of mind and enhanced performance that comes with superior strength and durability. Take your diesel or off-road vehicle to new heights with a transmission upgrade that can handle whatever you throw at it. Trust TCS to provide the reliability and performance you need to conquer any challenge.